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K-8 Home School Program

Morgan Hill Unified is committed to serving the diverse educational needs of the children of Morgan Hill.   This mission extends beyond the traditional educational classroom model.  Our goal is to provide support and networking for families who choose to educate their children in kindergarten through eighth grade at home.


GENERAL INFORMATION:  Enrolling your child in the Morgan Hill Elementary Home School Program is the legal equivalent to public school.  As part of the public education system, Morgan Hill Unified School District does not charge for these services.


SUPPORT:  Morgan Hill Unified employs a certified teacher to assist the primary teacher, who is generally the parent or guardian, through resources, curriculum guidance, lesson planning, and encouragement.   Class activities, school sports, field trips, and other academic opportunities are available to families enrolled in the program.


MATERIALS AVAILABLE:   District texts and curriculum resources are available to assist families in meeting the individual needs of each child while meeting the California State Content Standards for each subject.


STANDARDIZED TESTING:  All Morgan Hill Home School students are required to participate in any standardized testing administered within the Morgan Hill Unified School District.


ENROLLMENT:  Morgan Hill Unified Homeschool Program is a voluntary educational alternative for students and parents.   Enrollment is based on the ability to meet the following expectations:




1.    Participate fully in the planning and development of lesson plans, activities and projects for determining the flow of education.

2.    Maintain a daily journal/study records indicating lessons and instruction for a specific subject matter.  As many subjects can be integrated, be sure to include all activities.

3.    Provide supervision and instruction to meet the study plan goals.

4.    Keep scheduled appointments with the homeschool teacher.  Regular contact and communication is an important part of the Independent Study Contract.

5.    Provide transportation as needed.




1.   Be supervised by and meet regularly with teacher(s) as written above.

2.   Complete assigned work by its due date, as explained by my teacher(s) and described in my written assignments.

3.   Follow the rules and standards in the discipline code and behavior guidelines of MHUSD.


Morgan Hill Homeschool Program provides parents with the opportunity to facilitate their child’s educational experience with the support and guidance of an experienced certificated teacher.  Working as a team the student, parent, and teacher can provide each student with an individualized education program.