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Facilities Master Plan

Facilities Master Plan

The Morgan Hill Unified School District has initiated a Facilities Master Plan (FMP) process to identify long term demographic trends, assess current facilities conditions, and envision educational program opportunities in order to develop strategies that address these needs, and their impact to the school site facilities, in a comprehensive and thoughtful manner. The FMP will strive to align with and support the District’s Mission:

“The Morgan Hill Unified School District’s central purpose is to educate students.  In partnership with parents and the community, we create learning environments where all students learn and are empowered to achieve their unique potential.  We model and nurture civility, respect, compassion, personal responsibility, curiosity, and integrity in an environment of diversity, equity, and service.”

As a District, we value our stakeholders and understand that an effective Facilities Master Plan must be built on a foundation of District, Parent and Local Community input.  The FMPC will meet monthly during the development of the plan recommendations.  Presentations will be heard about the status and progress of the Master Plan, with updates on critical issues that arise during its development.

Meeting Information


Meeting DatesMeeting AgendasMeeting PresentationsMeeting Minutes
Meeting #1

March 1, 2017
“If You Could Dream”

· FMP Process & Schedule Overview

· Focus Group and District Trades Needs

· Defining Success Group Discussion
Meeting PresentationMeeting Minutes
Meeting #2

March 29, 2017
Planning for Growth

· Principal/Staff Surveys & Needs Assessment Findings

· Demographic Trends & Capacity Analysis

· Educational Program Review
Meeting Presentation
Meeting #3

April 26, 2017
Town Hall: Master Plan Proposals

· FMP Process & Findings Review

· Draft School Site Master Plan Diagrams
Meeting #4

May 31, 2017
Implementation Planning

· Scopes of Work / Needs Categories

· Total Program Cost & Potential Funding Sources

· Prioritization Activity & Next Steps