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English Language Development

English Language Learner Program

Morgan Hill Unified School District, acknowledging the language diversity of its students, provides an instructional program for eligible students that will assure them an equal opportunity to participate in and compete in society as educated citizens.The Morgan Hill Unified School District serves a large population of students who use other languages in their homes and are limited in their English proficiency. The District supports an English language development (ELD) program that provides a means for English Language Learner (ELL) students to acquire English skills and academic proficiencies needed to succeed in school.The staff and administration recognize the need for specialized instructional strategies for students with two languages. The primary goal for English Learners is the early acquisition of the English language skills of comprehension, listening, speaking, reading and writing. Each English Learner will receive daily English Language Development instruction designed to increase communicative competence and Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English in all core academic classes.The program provided for English language learners (ELLs) is guided by the English Language Development (ELD) Standards and Benchmark and the California State Content StandardsStudents are placed in an ELL program based upon their scores on the California English Language Development Test (CELDT). This instrument is used for initial placement and annual assessment, and is aligned with California ELD standards adopted in 1999.Designation as an English Language Learner (ELL) means that students must be provided with an English Language Development course of study that includes listening, speaking, reading and writing through appropriate instructional methods for English Language Learners.

Title III Plan 2016-2017

DELAC – District English Language Advisory Committee

Comité del distrito consultivo del idioma inglés – DELAC

The following are the approved DELAC dates, agendas and minutes for the 2017-2018 school year. Meetings are held at the District office in the Board room from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Las siguientes son las aprobadas fechas, agendas y minutas de DELAC para el año escolar de 2017-2018. Las juntas se llevan acabo en la oficina del distrito en el  “Board room” de 6:00 p.m. a 7:30 p.m.

2017-18 DELAC Meeting Agendas/ Agenda de la junta


Agenda October 5, 2017   –    Agenda 5 de octubre 2017

Agenda November 9, 2017   – Agenda 9 de noviembre 2017

Agenda December 14, 2017 –   Agenda 14 de diciembre 2017

Agenda January 18, 2018Agenda 18 de enero 2018

Agenda February 8, 2018 –  Agenda  8 de febrero 2018

Agenda March 8, 2018      –  Agenda 8 de marzo 2018

Agenda April 12, 2018      –   Agenda 12 de abril 2018

Agenda May 10, 2018       –   Agenda 10 de mayo 2018


2017-18 DELAC Meeting Minutes / Minutas de la junta

Minutes October 5, 2017   –  Minutas 5 de octubre 2017

Minutes November 9, 2017 –  Minutas 9 de noviembre 2017

Minutes December 14, 2017 Minutas 14 de diciembre 2017

Minutes January 18, 2018   – Minutas 18 de enero 2018

Minutes February 8, 2018  –  Minutas 8 de febrero 2018


2016-17  DELAC Meeting Minutes / Minutas de la junta


Minutes October 13, 2016       – Minutas 13 de octubre 2016

Minutes November 10, 2016  – Minutas 10 de noviembre 2016

Minutes December 14, 2016  – Minutas 14 de diciembre, 2016

Minutes January 12, 2017      –   Minutas 12 de enero, 2017

Minutes February 9, 2017  –   Minutas 9 de febrero, 2017

Minutes March 9, 2017        –     Minutas 9 de marzo, 2017

Minutes April 20, 2017               Minutas 20 de abril 2017

Minutes May 11, 2017                 Minutas 11 de mayo 2017

Minutes June 20, 2017             Minutas 20 de junio 2017



English Learner Master Plan

EL Master Plan IMAGINE Plan Maestro Para los Aprendices de Inglés

Title III Parent notification letter/ Carta de notificación de Título III para padres