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K-8 Home School Program

Morgan Hill Unified School District
K-8 Home School program

Morgan Hill Unified is committed to serving the diverse educational needs of the children of Morgan Hill.   This mission extends beyond the traditional educational classroom model. Our goal is to provide curriculum and support for families who choose to educate their children in kindergarten through eighth grade at home.

  • Enrolling your child in the Morgan Hill Elementary Home School Program is the legal equivalent to public school. As part of the public education system, Morgan Hill Unified School District does not charge for these services.
  • Morgan Hill Unified employs a certified teacher to assist the primary teacher through resources, curriculum guidance and lesson planning, and encouragement.
  • Morgan Hill Unified does not require a specific curriculum.       We understand the need that many homeschooling families have to personalize their child’s education through curriculum and flexibility. District texts and curriculum resources are available to assist families in meeting the individual needs of each child while staying within the California State Standards for each subject.
  • All Morgan Hill Home School students participate in standardized testing administered within the Morgan Hill Unified School District.

For more information, please contact Linda Row: 408-201-6000 ex 51068 or