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Morgan Hill School Board Adopts Resolution to Oppose the Cannabis Industry in City of Morgan Hill

At the Board of Education meeting last Tuesday evening, several members of the Morgan Hill Educational Leaders Association (MHELA) spoke to the Board on behalf of their employee group imploring the Board to adopt the resolution to oppose marijuana retail shops, cultivation, distribution and testing in Morgan Hill. The City of Morgan Hill is currently considering allowing the cannabis industry to operate within the city limits.

“There is not one campus in our district where students would not be affected negatively by the conflicting messages they receive from businesses and what they’re being told by the school system,” said MHELA President Patrick Buchser. Several administrators took a moment at the podium to express similar statements to the Board, mentioning that students are already hearing mixed messages since the legalization of marijuana in California.

In response to the City’s consideration of local ordinances related to the cannabis industry per California state law, the MHUSD Executive Cabinet conducted research on the adverse effects of marijuana on various aspects of academic achievement. Sources show that marijuana use may have a negative impact on post-secondary educational outcomes, educational attainment, IQ level, mental health and more. Citing a bibliography of sources, the Board concluded that the cannabis industry is detrimental to our youth and unanimously passed a resolution opposing “the cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, testing and retail sale of commercial cannabis per California state law.”

Board President Mary Patterson thanked the Executive Cabinet for their detailed research. Superintendent Steve Betando said, “I have sent a copy of this resolution to the City Manager and appreciate the City’s consideration, as this is an important issue to our Board.”