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Early Bus Schedule During Finals Week

The following is the approximate scheduled pick up time per route per school the week of December 17 through December 21, 2018.
Sobrato is as follows:
Route 2- 1:00pm (Tues- Thurs)
Route 3 – 12:37pm (Tues, Thurs) 1:40pm (Wed)
Route 5 – 12:37pm (Tues- Thurs)
Route 7 – 12:37pm (Tues, Thurs) 2:15pm (Wed)
Route 8 – 12:37pm (Tues, Thurs) 2:20pm (Wed)
Route 10 – 12:37pm (Tues, Thurs) 2:30pm (Wed)
Route 11 – 12:37pm (Tues, Thurs) 1:30pm (Wed)
Route 12 – 12:37pm (Tues- Thurs)
Route 13 – 12:37pm (Tues-Thurs)
Route 14 – 12:37pm (Tues- Thurs)
Route 15 – 12:37pm (Tues, Thurs) 2:20pm (Wed)

Live Oak is as follows:
 If your student usually takes Route 2 to Sobrato and transfers to another bus, this will not be available Tues-Thurs (finals week), all buses will pick up their own students at Live Oak.

Route 1 – 12:45pm (Tues, Thurs) 1:25pm (Wed)
Route 2 – 12:45pm (Tues- Thurs)
Route 4 – 12:45pm (Tues, Thurs) 1:30pm (Wed)
Route 5 – 12:50pm (Tues-Thurs)
Route 9 – 12:45pm (Tues- Thurs)
Route 11 – 12:45pm (Tues- Thurs)
Route 15 – 12:45pm (Tues, Thurs) 2:45pm (Wed)

Please contact the Transportation Department with specific questions: