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Message To Families: AIR QUALITY UPDATE


On behalf of the Superintendent:

Dear Families,
We know you are concerned about the current air quality, and we too share your concern. This message is to keep you informed on the current status of school closures in Santa Clara County.
The air quality through out Santa Clara County declined quickly yesterday afternoon and we have monitored the air quality index throughout the evening. We continue to monitor the air quality which better than yesterday but still projected to be unhealthy today.
We are following the advice of the Public Health Department, the Public Health Department remains firm that the current numbers do not warrant a school closure.
We are aware that many local colleges, universities and private schools have elected to close their doors. We are also mindful that schools provide necessary shelter and food. Because we care about our entire student population, we are remaining open to provide relief for those students.
Please be aware that while our doors will remain open, we ask that families and schools follow medical and environmental advice, especially if your child suffers from respiratory or heart-related issues, or if there is a concern or hardship in bringing your child to school. We are remaining open for parents who cannot find healthier alternatives. We must remain a support for all families within Santa Clara County.
We also share the desire to keep all children safe and students will remain indoors as much as possible.
Individual families can make the call to stay home if they feel that is in the best interest of their child.
To reiterate, the Public Health Department, the County Office of Education, and the Morgan Hill Unified School District have conferred and made the determination for the schools to remain open as a refuge and safe place for children.
If choosing to keep children at home, we ask parents to follow the school’s absence reporting process. If keeping children at home, parents may use the excuse of “health concerns.”