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PRESS RELEASE: Andrew Hill Falcons vs. Ann Sobrato Bulldogs Gridiron Matchup Changes Locations

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  September 27, 2018

CONTACT:  Kelly Schriefer, 408-201-6001


The Junior Varsity and Varsity high school football games between Ann Sobrato Bulldogs and Andrew Hill Falcons will go on as scheduled this Saturday, September 29, 2018, but will take place at Live Oak High School, at 1505 East Main Avenue in Morgan Hill. Live Oak High School is just 10 minutes from Sobrato.
The Sobrato field has been repaired by the Morgan Hill Unified Grounds Department after vandals drove trucks onto the field creating some deep ruts in the grass earlier this week. However, the repair areas, although deemed “playable areas,” need some more time to set along with additional care from the grounds staff next week.
The Live Oak field is available since the games are scheduled for this Saturday (Junior Varsity at 11 a.m., Varsity at 2 p.m.). Even though Live Oak will be playing the night before, the maintenance and grounds staff will have the field ready for the Sobrato vs. Andrew Hill game the next day.