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NOTICE – Weed Abatement (Mission Avenida & Peet Rd.)

NOTICE – Weed Abatement (Posted June 28, 2018)

The City of Morgan Hill has received complaints about vegetation and the associated potential fire hazard at the Borello Elementary School property (corner of Mission Avenida and Peet Road). The City informed the District on June 14, 2018, that the District is required to cut the vegetation and weeds on the Borello Elementary School as a safety precaution during fire season.

As in prior years, the weeds will be abated by mowing the property. The District has worked closely with the Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC) to ensure adherence to DTSC’s safety protocols including mowing at a raised height and wetting the area as a precaution prior to and during mowing. The mowing is expected to occur from July 9th beginning at 7AM and will be completed by mid-day.   

If you have questions or concerns with this process please contact Kirsten Perez at (408) 201-6052 or by email at