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PRESS RELEASE: Campuses Hit by Vandals: Tip Line for Reporting


CONTACT: Kimberly Beare, 408-201-6024

Over the weekend, Live Oak High School was hit by vandals who spray painted over one security camera and tagged the back of a Food Service delivery truck.

Vandalism on school campuses cost the district tens of thousands of dollars each year to clean up and repair, which takes away much needed funds from our students and programs. Although, many times these incidents are dismissed as “teenagers being teenagers,” the financial impact on a school district is significant.

Over the last few months, the District has seen an uptick in vandalism across a number of our campuses. As a result, our insurance company is offering a cash reward for any information regarding these incidents.

If you have any information regarding the Live Oak vandalism or any other vandalism involving school district property, please call 1-800-782-7463 or submit your it online at