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PRESS RELEASE: MHUSD First DIME Cohort Promoted to Sixth Grade


CONTACT: Kimberly Beare, 408-201-6024

PRESS RELEASE— June 16, 2017 —  MHUSD’s first cohort of fifth-grade DIME students were promoted to sixth-grade with Bilingual Service and Participation Awards and Biliteracy Attainment Awards.

Twenty-one fifth grade students in the Dual Immersion Multicultural Education (DIME) program located at San Martin/Gwinn, celebrated the end of the school year with a special ceremony to recognize their achievements on the pathway to biliteracy. MHUSD’s DIME program began four years ago with a first-grade class, and now this cohort is looking forward to starting middle school and continuing on their way to the achieving a Seal of Biliteracy at High School graduation.

“The importance of biliteracy in today’s job market can not be understated,” said Superintendent Steve Betando. “We are exceptionally proud of these young students and the hard work it took to obtain these awards. They are the first group of students to enter our DIME program and they are setting a fast pace for those students following close on their heels.”

The DIME program is a total language immersion program where students reach high levels of academic achievement in both English and Spanish. MHUSD uses the 90/10 model; 90% of the instructional day is in Spanish for Kindergarten, and 10% is in English. English instruction increases 10% each year until 4th grade when the children are taught 50% in each language.

Research has shown that students in the 90/10 model are more proficient in Spanish at the end of the program with no detriment to their English development. By the end of 5th grade, our goal is for students to read, write, listen, and speak in English and Spanish which will help prepare them for a bright future.

Staff members work in close collaboration with families knowing that together we can create a team that surrounds each child with care and encouragement. Please visit for enrollment information.