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PRESS RELEASE: Students, Traffic, and Law Enforcement (MHPD)

Contact:  Sgt Carson. Thomas

Phone: 669-253-4916

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On Wednesday, May 17th 2017, Sophomores at Live Oak High School will be participating in the ABCs of interacting with an officer during a traffic stop lead by School Resource Officer Jeff Brandon. During this class, future drivers will learn several valuable lessons such as: what circumstances could result in a traffic stop, police procedures, as well as rights and responsibilities of drivers and passengers during traffic stops. Students will participate in role play scenarios to practice how to safely and reasonably interact with law enforcement. Students will also develop an understanding of law enforcement safety protocols associated with traffic stops and what to do if they feel they were treated unfairly. The goal of this lesson is to help future drivers prepare for the possibility of interacting with law enforcement officers as well as understanding what goes through an officer’s mind during a traffic stop.

The goal of the program is to develop and strengthen the premise that healthy interactions are founded in respect and that mutual respect – from the community towards law enforcement and reciprocally, law enforcement towards the community – is essential for improved relationships.

The Morgan Hill Police Department believes this program will lead to a positive outcome for the students and the officers.

For further information concerning the program call Student Resource Officer Jeff Brandon at (669) 253-4920 or