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Live Oak

Yesterday morning, a Live Oak student made an error in judgement in a posting a threatening image on Snapchat.

Live Oak students immediately informed staff of the incident and MHPD was contacted right away. Officer Jeff Brandon responded quickly to the call and began an investigation into the incident. MHPD found no credible threat and the student is being dealt with. Education Code provides for disciplinary action in cases such as this, and both students and parents should be aware that consequences can include suspension, expulsion, and arrest. It was a poor decision made by a teenager involving social media that will have lasting consequences.

If the threat were credible, parents would have been informed immediately. Unfortunately, social media is taking this incident in a direction that is causing disruption to our students’ education and focusing attention on an issue that is very serious in nature yet not relaying the most important message about the personal responsibility that is associated with decisions to post on social media.

We must all be diligent in how we are using social media platforms to relay information before gathering all the facts. This is a great opportunity to talk to your children about the dangers of social media and how, what they think is a joke, can cause harm to themselves and those around them. We as adults must model appropriate restraint in the use of social media and the spreading of misleading information and strive to be role models for the future leaders in our community.

Job well done to those Live Oak students who saw the message and immediately let a staff member know so that it could be swiftly dealt with. Students are safe at Live Oak and all safety concerns have been addressed.