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Trustee Boundary Consideration

At the March 10, 2015 Board of Education meeting, the Board of Trustees reviewed the potential effects and options involving development of board trustee areas rather than at-large representation.  A resolution was signed to establish criteria to guide the demographer in preparation of the potential election areas for the Board’s and public’s review and discussion.  With a potential trustee area designation, each trustee must reside within the designated trustee area boundary and is elected only by the voters in that trustee area.

The following six map model packets have been created by Douglas Johnson of National Demographics Corporation and will be presented at the Board of Education meeting on June 9, 2015.

Resolution Confirming Adoption of By-Trustee Area Elections

MHUSD Numbered Adopted Plan Demographics

MHUSD Numbered Map street by street description

MHUSD 2015 Adopted Numbered trustee areas

Model 1 Interactive Map