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Press Release: Supreme Court Decision Dariano et al v MHUSD

On Behalf of Steve Betando, Superintendent:

We encourage readers interested in the outcome of the Dariano et al v MHUSD case to read all the court documents, including the testimony of witnesses. It is clear why the District Court and the 9th Circuit Court ruled against the plaintiffs, and now the Supreme Court swiftly denied hearing the case.

This case has never been about the American flag, which Live Oak proudly flies above our school everyday as it did on the 5th of May, 2010.  This case has always been about protecting the safety of students. The United States Supreme Court has put an end to this case by its denial, acknowledging that the administrators did not violate the Constitution when they acted to protect the student-plaintiffs, and potentially all of the students on the Live Oak campus, against threats of harm.

The students and administrators who were at Live Oak High School on that day in 2010 are gone. It is unfortunate that the actions of that day have had such echoing effects for the entire community. The school community and students have long moved on with a focus on education, including civility, the value of patriotism, and acceptance of differences.